time means nothing to me

the strange only ever get stranger

World domination starts today.
beatles!rikkai love zebra crossings, being EXTREME, byakuran's ethereal lemonade bottles, byakuran's fridge, byakuran's secret wall safe, byakuran's secret wall-safe, byakuya actually likes bunnies, byakuya's bankai is gay, dojima's giant assfuck coffee, eating the escape plans, el marcapasos del julian, excuse me i'm bleeding, gandor has no pants, gandor needs no pants, go go honinbou!, good lord what now, gtg my vespa's double-parked, het is not dead, hibari can discipline me, hibari's defunct office wall, if it's not masochism, in your face!!!, irie shouchi is badass, it's alive!, learn to drive!, let's do fishing instead, life or something else, likely cause of death, motorbikes, mukuro's a road warrior, mukuro's a road warrior!, mukuro's vespa, mukuro's vespa/yosuke's deathtrap, mukuro/smartassery, namimorisexuality, nana-k.o.:the best mini pro-wrestler, neutrality through superior firepower, noncanon-induced retinal explosion, pot kills dinosaurs, speaking in squeaky voices, suddenly: ivan!, team bonding, the bike from hell, the mathematics of punch-spiking, the namimori anthem, the sky's clearing up, this is shark country!!, this is shark country!!!, video games, videogames, welcome to "being dead", what about the gundams?, world domination, yamamoto's squalo-induced baseball injuries, you and your, your horrible taste-in bikes, your spontaneous homosexuality, zombies